Things to do in Providence Bay

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The school house

For 20 years, the School House has offered fine dining to thousands of guests and visitors coming to Manitoulin Island.

In season, most of their cuisine’s fresh ingredients are locally grown and their wines from the best of Ontario’s premium vineyards complemented by select international wines. 

Come and enjoy the history of their dining room, the excellent cuisine and the beauty of Manitoulin Island.

Say hello to owners Heather & Greg.

lake huron fish & chips

Lake Huron has some of the best white fish around. Matthew and his awesome team create and strive, what we think, to be the best Fish and Chips on the island. Let Matthew and his friendly team serve up lunch or dinner for you when you visit the area. They have more then just fish and chips. This is a must visit location.


Our family has contributed a lot of time and effort in this wonderful building. You can learn more about the history of Providence Bay, its eco-systems and even get a great ice cream cone. Grab a cone and walk the shore or the boardwalk to see great sunsets and views.

the mutchmor and providence peace cafe

So you find yourself mid-morning needing a really good cup of coffee, yet your local coffee barista didn't travel with you. No worries, come and visit Bridget and her extremely friendly staff at the Peace Cafe. While sipping your latte walk around The Mutchmor featuring local artisans and shopping.

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The Providence Bay Council has been working very hard to give new life to our amazing beach. They have worked with the local Lions Club and create a great family fun zone filled with swings, exercise equipment and climbing stations.

Located on the south shore of the Manitoulin and looking out upon Lake Huron, the beach at Providence Bay is said to be the best in Northern Ontario. Early native inhabitants of the area called the bay Bebekodawangog, which translates as “where the beach curves around the water”. In later years, after being shipwrecked offshore, survivors of the wreck reached the beach and called the bay ‘Providence’. If you come and stay with us, we will tell you the story of this ship wreck.


Providence Bay is a hot spot for awesome lake trout and salmon fishing. There is room at our locations to hold your boat and trailer. The dock also rents slips for day and week rentals. Visit Providence Bay Marina or give them a call at 705-377-7225.

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There are so many mornings where the Bay is completely calm and the water is just like glass. Why not slip your canoe in and travel around the coast of the Bay? This is a family favourite activity.

Friends of Sullivan's Cottages

Please check out our friends website's. You won't have to go far for wonderful meats when staying on the Island. Manitoulin Meats has amazing, locally raised meats ready for your evening bbq's. Stop in Little Current to see Blair and his team at Manitoulin Brewery for some cold pints for that bbq. Might need some sides and other fixings? Stop in at the Foodland grocery store in Mindemoya for all your everyday things. Make a stop in Gore Bay and see the lads at Split Rail for a couple other evening options. On the way back, make sure to see the crew at Buie's Grocer and Gas in Spring Bay. Make sure to grab some fish dip! Just trust us on this one, they will know what you are asking for.

manitoulin meats

manitoulin brewing company

Mindemoya Foodland

Split Rail Brewing Company

Buie’s Grocer and Gas